Click & Install Apps

Click & Install pack is set of applications which are installable and configurable on per website basis. This allows web hosts to add/remove these applications easily on their customers' websites through single click. Included applications in this pack are: WordPress, PHPBB forums, Snitz forums, HC forums, osCommerce, ZenCart, Comersus, phpMyAdmin, PHP Support Tickets, Crafty Syntax, Xoops, Online Calendar, WebCalendar and Mambo site builder.

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Product Name Actual Price
Click & Install Apps. (Windows/Linux)
Purchase Price $99.00/Cluster
Rent Price /Month $9.95/Cluster

Amazed! Are you?... Yes it is correct. Click & Install pricing is per cluster based not per server. Which means you can have dozens of server in your cluster but you need only one license of Click & Install Pack.

Purchase Options

Purchase Options
Click & Install pack is a set of applications which are installable & configurable on per website basis.
To order Click & Install Pack, you need to have license key of HC Control Server.
Contact HC Sales to know which one is your HC Control Server license key.
  • If you are an existing customer login to License Management System to place new orders, buy upgrades and manage your existing licenses.
  • If you are a new customer contact HC Sales to get a quotation and have account setup in License Management System.
  • Rental option for these add-ons is available to only those customers who are using rental HC keys. Customers with purchased HC keys can not choose rental option.