Handle Your Cross-forest Exchange Migrations

Don't hit a dead end with your cross-forest Exchange moves. Allow Efflux Migrator to efficiently migrate Exchange mailboxes across any two Active Directory forests. Just install Efflux on the target forest and move not only individual mailboxes but also their passwords and data.

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Mailbox Migration

Want to export Mailbox passwords ?

If you want to export passwords along with your mailboxes just install ADMT tool on the target server,
Password Export Server on the source server and establish a trust relation between
your source and target DCs.

Engineered to Deliver


Seamless experience for Outlook clients. No downtime during migration.


Export of passwords to remote target forest.


Cross-forest migration of Exchange mailboxes without the need of establishing a trust between the forests.

Staged migration

Staged migration in convenient batches.


No change in DNS records required until completion of the full process.


Provision for moving multiple accepted domains.


Display of real time state of each mailbox during the migration process.


Light weight desktop utility.

Migration Scenarios

Use Case 1

No AD users exist on the target DC

Use Case 2

Simple AD users exist on the target DC

Use Case 3

Mail Enabled users exist on the target DC

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