HC10 Online Demo

Welcome to Online Demo, the HC10 demonstration area where you can experience the
power of simplicity blended with intelligent remote administration. Why choose a control panel
without testing it first? With HC10 your satisfaction is guaranteed since you can try the product before
you purchase or rent.

HC10 works on an N-tier user model.

Hosting Controller Admin

Admin Demo

This is the service provider or server administrator, the top most level user. It controls all the levels beneath. If you wish to try it out, proceed to Download Now, the 30 days, fully functional evaluation version. An online demo for hosting administrator is not available.

Click to Download Evaluation Version
Hosting Controller Reseller

Reseller Demo

Reseller Private Labelling is a must for reseller focused web hosting companies. Create completely private labelled reseller accounts with Hosting Controller and expand your business!
Login: demoreseller
Password: demoreseller

Click to Demo Reseller Control Panel